The AKE Policy Brief

The Living Lab research project has produced a policy brief to inform policy discussion such as the AKE Policy Forum. Results and innovations from the policy discussions will  be added in the LL innovation modeling that continues at GESCI-AKE.

Here are the key findings of the brief:

Linking New Skills, Business Opportunity and Job Creation for Cultural Industry Development in Africa

“This policy brief highlights the key insights learned from the GESCI-AKE 2014/2015 Creative Media Skills Course for digital creative industries, as well as for related educational initiatives and policy approaches.

Conducted via a collaborative Living Lab research project — including questionnaires, interviews, and formal and informal observations and participation by practitioners, instructors, and industry representatives — the research highlight four core aspects of creative industries: Innovation, leadership, market-based content creation, and sustainability. The research underlines the urgent industry needs for talent-base that can respond to opportunities. It also documents practitioners’ need, as well as a sense of market need, for producing social value through original Kenyan media products.

The research brings forth an emerging hybrid model that combines innovation and education, and that fosters creativity, skills, as well as leadership qualities and entrepreneurial knowledge. It highlights the need for local content by local talent. It also suggests several possible policy responses to support such a model.”

Please find the full policy brief text HERE.

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